Anglesey Hog Roasts

We don't do things by half.

Based on the beautiful island of Anglesey, we are proud to offer our Hog Roast service to you.

A local family run business offering the best of local produce to ensure we make your Hog Roast an event that will satisfy the hungriest appetite, and a topic of conversation  and memories for a long time


Using locally sourced pigs that have been reared in a caring environment, and stored chilled rather than frozen to keep the meat succulent and juicy, we cook our Hogs from fresh, rather than pre-cook and reheat. We believe this keeps the meat really succulent and when cooked it literally falls off the bones.

Crackling is served being crisp and salty, with a slight char to give that earthy taste.

All served on fresh bread baps from a local bakery, with stuffing, apple sauce and a range of additional sauces and pickles to complement the juicy pork meat.

Fresh Side Dishes

To complement the roasted hog we offer a range of freshly prepared side dishes. Dishes are designed to suit all including any dietry intollerances, allergies.


Using seasonally available produce we offer a variety of dishes to suit the event, including green salads, minted buttered Anglesey new potatoes, home made coleslaw and potato salad, tomato mozzarella and red onion salad, greek salads, and a range of pasta dishes. In addition we offer a range of complementary salad oils, sauces and condiments.


We also provide disposable plates, knives and forks, but can if required source crockery and cutlery to suit.


We can also offer a canape and buffet service, or desserts. These are made up of items you would prefer to be available rather than a set menu, although we have starter menus available.


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Anglesey Hog Roasts

8 Lon Menai, Menai Bridge, Anglesey LL59 5LG   |   See Map

M: 07980748946 E:

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